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Mission – To provide a cohesive system that integrates various home automation elements through a single point of access.

As a home automation enthusiast I have a number of existing separate home automation elements, such as, projector, lighting, curtain, screen, amps and more all having their own control methods. What I don’t have is a method of controlling these in a coordinated way, cheaply.

What I wanted is a system I can connect different items to such as motors, LED lighting, mains lighting, amp control, screen control, curtains etc. A system that can expand by adding cheap networked modules.

This project aims to integrate these items through dedicated devices that any enthusiast or installer could use. A description of the hardware, firmware and software is given here.

More detail

The goal home automation system consists of any number of cost effective devices, each containing one or more circuit boards. The set of devices, when interconnected, forms a self discovering network of devices with a single host control access point through which external control can occur. The system can work autonomously without the need of a control host (PC) as each board/device has it’s own general input control so can be controlled by keypad/buttons or from other boards/devices on the network. Scripting on each board gives flexible autonomous control.

In this way a simple setup maybe, for example, to provide a controller for RGB LED lighting with buttons for on/off and colour change.

As the higher level control can be scripted, the number of buttons and their control can be configured by the end user, providing flexible configurations within the device capabilities. So an RGB LED control may be configured to be triggered by a PIR or light sensor or via the IR remote control interface.

In a more complex situation, multiple devices may be interconnected and controlled from one or more devices. So, the simple LED controller could also be controlled from two devices or a PC. The PC is not limited to just a PC but can be any device that can generate the appropriate protocol.

Each device is not limited to a single function but may perform many functions with the aid of built in dedicated control firmware/hardware and user scripts. So a single board device could operate mains mood lighting which also controlling projector lift and screen.